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What Is Anger?

Causes of Anger

Although people frequently show their anger in various ways, there are typically three main triggers. We categorize them into three categories: irritability, abuse, and unfairness. These categories contain the following things:
Additionally, it’s possible to have original triggers based on what you’ve discovered about the people and environment around you. These elements depend on your past and if you learned constructive techniques to deal with your anger.

Symptom of Anger For Mental Health Conditions

Here are some symptoms for anger:

When Anger Becomes A Problem?

It becomes a problem when anger becomes out of control and threatens to hurt you or those around you. This may occur when:

Psychotherapy For Anger

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

The most popular treatment method for anger management is CBT. We can assist you with identifying your anger triggers, learning and using coping mechanisms, and changing how you think, feel, and act in the face of anger so that you are more composed and in control.

Psychodynamic Therapy:

You can discover and change unhealthy habits by exploring the psychological causes of your anger and how you react to it with psychodynamic therapy.

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