Traumatic Stress

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What Is Traumatic Stress?

Symptoms of Traumatic Stress

When To Seek Help For Traumatic Stress

Seek treatment immediately if you frequently have troubling ideas, can’t control your behavior, or worry that you could injure yourself or someone else. If you see any signs, speak with a mental health specialist at counseling support services to schedule an assessment.

Changes In Physical And Emotional Reactions

Arousal symptoms, or changes in physical and emotional responses, may include:

Treatments For Traumatic Stress

Here are some treatments for traumatic stress:

Cognitive Processing Therapy:

This method assists you in examining the mental models of your trauma and developing new coping mechanisms.

Prolonged Exposure Therapy:

PE will assist you in facing things that have made you think of the traumatic experience. There are eight to fifteen sessions, with most lasting 90 minutes.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing:

You might not need to discuss your experience with your therapist if you use EMDR. Instead, you focus on it while observing or hearing whatever they’re doing, such as moving their hand, creating a sound, or flashing light.

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