Parent-child conflict

What Factors Influence Parent-Child Conflicts?

Attachment Hunger Impact

Attachment-hunger, a crucial element in influencing conflicts between parents and children relationship. This psychological term refers to the human instinctual need for emotional bonding and connection. If this need isn’t sufficiently fulfilled, it may cause conflict between parents and children.

Influence of Environmental Conflict

The environment can influence parents and children’s conflicts. The environment, including the environment at home, school, and the community, significantly impacts the patterns of communication. The tensions could be triggered by external factors or difficult circumstances, leading to conflict between parents and children.

Parent’s Mental and Physical Condition

Parental physical and mental health significantly impacts how the parent-child relationship develops over time. Parent-child relationships frequently suffer when one parent deals with a physically crippling disease or depression.

How To Reduce Conflict Between Parent And Child?

Make Eye Contact:

When parents speak to their children, they frequently need to make eye contact with the child.

Give Options:

It would help if you gave options when your child refuses to follow your instructions. Your child may feel appreciated for a decision.

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